Free eBook: AI in the Boardroom

Free eBook: AI in the Boardroom

As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, understanding the implications of AI has become imperative for business leaders. Our new eBook discusses how the technology can and is impacting those at the very top.


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AI in the Boardroom delves into the relationship key C-Suite leaders may have with AI, including the possible rise of a CAIO (Chief AI Officer). The guide also goes on to discuss the biggest concerns around AI usage, expert predictions on upcoming AI regulations, and how leaders can create an effective AI implementation strategy for their business.


“It’s clear to us that AI represents a pivotal moment in business operations and, as with all pivotal moments, effective leadership is key.” Says Lee Bhandal, our Managing Partner. “AI has the power to completely transform the way we do business. Companies who want to take advantage of all the benefits AI has to offer, and who don’t want to get left behind, will need decisive, informed leadership to navigate this change.”


To create this guide, we drew on our contacts with Digital and Technology leaders to deliver expert insight and predictions on AI usage.


One surprising finding is that a small percentage of c-suite leaders believe AI should play the role of decision-maker in the boardroom, as opposed to just advisor or assistant. Additionally, readers will learn what industry experts predict to be the biggest stumbling blocks for business leaders, as well as what we should expect to in see in evolving AI regulations.


C-suite leaders will gain valuable insights from the eBook on how AI might impact their roles, how to address concerns related to AI implementation, and how to effectively plan an AI strategy for their businesses that ensures buy-in from their team.


AI in the Boardroom is available to download now.

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