How has COVID-19 changed the way the business work & for the better?

As we reach the two-year milestone of lockdown #1, we are exploring how the changes in the way we work, as a result of the pandemic, has had a positive influence over companies and their people.

Since 2020, many have adapted to new working environments, introduced new technologies and embraced new skillsets, which have subsequently improved how companies operate and as importantly, had a profound effect on employee happiness and engagement at work.

Many businesses have used the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity for change, but how has that changed the way they work and for the better?


For centuries, companies were conditioned to think efficiency and outputs were a result of 9-5 hours and an office-based/ on-site set up.

As a result of the pandemic, remote working meant employers had no option but to embrace change and incorporate employee freedom.

Adopting a flexible approach has seen many businesses experience higher levels of productivity, better quality outputs and an overall happier workforce.

With top talent getting a taste for homeworking, many will no longer consider a traditional, office-based arrangement and therefore, businesses across the world have had to reflect their set up accordingly.

For Parkinson Lee, these flexible arrangements have allowed our team to establish relationships with a wider network of executives without the limitations of geographical proximities – enabling us to deliver the best talent from any corner of the UK for our clients.


In a remote world, staying connected with customers, suppliers and with one another, whilst remaining operationally viable, meant companies had to find means of working outside of the office.

These new technologies have not only kept people together but have also, enabled employees to work more efficiently and accurately with new workflow and live reporting resources.

The outcome of digitalisation has powered businesses and their people with new digital skills and the knowledge to work effectively from anywhere.


In this new age, marketing departments have transitioned from a “nice to have” function, to a vital element of any company operation.

You just have to look at the job market to see how heavily businesses are investing in their marketing structure.

In the height of Covid, where the world seemed to have stopped, companies either used it as an opportunity to inherit new technologies to communicate with their customers, through social media and targeted marketing, or stood still and were left behind.

Clever and consistent marketing has and will continue to be crucial for business visibility, in a post covid world.

Work-life balance

For many professionals, and even more so in the generation Z that are incredibly career hungry and money motivated, the work-life balance has been near or non-existent.

The pandemic has allowed employees to slow down, work in the comfort of their own homes, feel more a part of family life during the working week and re-tilt the scale to an equal keel.

Many companies have found employees to be happier and more efficient, preventing the frequent experience of burn-out.

Mental health

Throughout the pandemic, there was a huge spike in mental health issues, and for many, that hasn’t just stopped since life has resumed to the ‘new normal’.

Many businesses were forced to understand and acknowledge the importance of mental wellbeing at work and identify ways to support their employees.

In a post covid world, this is still very prevalent in the workplace, with many introducing mental wellbeing days, encouraging lunchtime walks, flexible working hours and internal and external mental health support programmes.

As we move forward, we hope these positive outcomes will continue to support businesses with innovation, responsiveness and success, whilst keeping workforces happy and healthy.

Our company changes

Historically, Parkinson Lee have operated like many other companies around the world. Our employees were based 5 days a week at our head office in Rotherham and had structured working hours.

Since the pandemic hit, the senior leadership team have adapted and welcomed a more relaxed and flexible working approach. Now offering a permanent, remote and hybrid set up to suit the needs of our employees, with less restrictions on set working hours.

We encourage our people to take frequent breaks, work around their hectic lives as parents and to prioritise their mental health.

In 2021, Parkinson Lee had a record-breaking year, which was a clear demonstration that home working and flexibility had a positive influence over companywide success.

As a result of this growth, we currently looking for an ambitious, committed and experienced Senior Recruiter to join our expanding team across the Yorkshire region.

If you are a career focused, motivated individual, looking to join a highly entrepreneurial, successful team, and contribute to our continued growth and success, whilst establishing yourself with as an executive recruiter of choice with a high profile client base, then please contact our Managing Partner, Lee Bhandal for a confidential discussion at l.bhandal@parkinsonlee.com.

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